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Field Notes

These field notes are a little peak behind the scenes of personal adventures, creation of stock imagery, location scouting, etc.

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Kayaking Orchard Lake

One of the very best things about having our kayaks is that even in the middle of busy weeks, when we can't get out of the city, we can grab the kayaks and go get lost in the middle of a lake to recharge or decompress for a few hours. 

This day when we decided to go kayaking I ran to the store to see if I could find a decent waterproof case for my iPhone 7. I've already had 3 Lifeproof cases fail & destroy my past iPhones, so I wasn't super excited about gambling with another one, or any other case, but my photography brain couldn't accept NOT taking photos at all. Of course. That's when I saw the the Panasonic Lumix ts25 was about the same price as a case, but I could leave my phone safely in my dry sac instead of submerged underwater, crossing my fingers that I wouldn't see bubbles coming out of it. 

Given the price of the ts25 I didn't expect much out of it, but at 16 megapixels I held out a little bit of hope that it would at least be as good as my phone, and I was right. It's not amazing and I when you try to use the camera out of the water it's limitations really reveal themselves, but as a fun underwater camera that you can beat up a little bit, it's not so bad. 

Enjoy the test run of this little camera and a decent evening on the water.