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Field Notes

These field notes are a little peak behind the scenes of personal adventures, creation of stock imagery, location scouting, etc.

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Flying Around Lake Harriet

Jeff has a total love affair with anything to do with flying, and initially went to school to become a pilot. He eventually pivoted away from that, career-wise (HOLY MOSES, it's freaking expensive!), but his curiosity with planes + drones + helicopters + ANYTHING IN THE AIR has never gone away. Seriously. It's a PROBLEM. ;)

I decided that if our house (garage) was going to be full of drones, they might as well have a camera on them and be able to work for us in some capacity, so we agreed that our wedding gift to ourselves was going to be to buy a Mavic Pro.  

We finally bit the bullet last week and since then we've just been diving deep into the rabbit hole of possibilities and dreaming of places that we can fly this thing and the images we can create. (Ok, Jeff's dreaming of where + when he can fly it, I'M dreaming of the images. Jeff's photography interest sits firmly on the "none" side of the "slim to none" spectrum.)

We brought it home, charged up everything, watched a billion videos about it (re-watched, really. We've been watching them for months), then finally took it to Moir Park for a little test drive over a nice open baseball field before, naturally, flying it over a lake

Enjoy the photos below of our first adventure with this crazy flying camera:

High fives all around that we didn't crash or drown it!

Also, if there are any other Mavic owners out there, or photographers using drones, I'd love any tips or your favorite resources!