Sara Montour Lewis — Seattle Commercial Children's Lifestyle + Wildlife Conservation Photographer

Field Notes

These field notes are a little peak behind the scenes of personal adventures, creation of stock imagery, location scouting, etc.

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Camping on the Teanaway River

When we decided that we were going to move from Minnesota to Washington I made a promise to myself that I would 1) actually take photos of our personal adventures and 2) post them so we could look back on them and so our friends + family back home could actually see what we were up to. 

I've only failed a little bit. :) I've definitely been better about pulling my camera out when we're off exploring, so now I just have to make the time to edit + post them. Sometimes they make their way to instagram/facebook, but those platforms won't be around forever and it's also not quite the same as laying them out in this longer format where they can all live together, complete with the story.

It's been so crazy busy here in Washington this summer that every time we've tried to go camping on the weekend we've had a hard time finding a campsite, even on all of our sneaky free + remote resources. This weekend we lucked out and found a perfect site, right by the river, where the dogs could run + swim to their hearts content. 

We're definitely looking forward to fall + winter when the crowds die down a little bit more and we can utilize our hearty Minnesota roots to take on the 'cold'. ;) 

Jeff freaked out that I was so close to this snake because he “didn’t know what kind of crazy snakes they had out here!”.

Photograph of a Garter Snake in the Teanaway River near Cle Elum, Washington

Garter Snake. It’s a Garter Snake. ;)