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Senn & Sons · Cozy Campers Collection

Kim and I have been brainstorming a photo shoot for her products for a long time and the release of her Cozy Campers Collection was the perfect opportunity to put all of our ideas into action and create some super fun, cuddly, playful images for her to use for her lookbooks + promotion + online store. 

We loved the idea of creating three-dimensional looks with mostly two-dimensional objects + materials and ran with that as the theme throughout the shoot, which resulted in really fun images that told an adorable story while still allowing the products in the collection to stand strong and be highlighted. 

A few of my favorite little moments during the shoot:

The photos fit in perfectly with the Senn & Sons website:

And I LOVE how they look in the lookbook, especially with Kim's adorable illustrations:

We were also lucky enough to have Maribeth Romslo come and shoot some behind the scenes video during the shoot, working her video magic to make it look like it was a full-day of all play and zero chaos. Which, of course, it was. ;) 

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